Diebold needed a way to not only engage with an international audience, but to encourage employees around the world to have healthy, meaningful interactions with the compliance and ethics department (that went beyond the ‘check the box’ training).

“We fell into the trap of [thinking we] needed long-form, check the box training, and that’s what we were looking for. But that’s not Compliance Wave’s philosophy… we realized we were hanging on to an antiquated notion of training [and communication].”

Rob Morvillo, VP, Ethics & Compliance


Upon coming into Steele’s Compliance Wave Training Membership, the Compliance & Ethics team re-evaluated the way they looked at training and communication, setting up monthly awareness campaigns instead of a one-time annual training.

“We started to use the Know the Code Modules from Compliance Wave—3 minute modules that allow people to get a refresher…to reinforce the training.”

Rob Morvillo, VP, Ethics & Compliance

To engage with the international audience in a meaningful way, Diebold Nixdorf used cartoons to run an engagement contest for employees to submit their own captions.

“What’s so great about Compliance Wave content is we can customize it, and use our local translators to make custom translations.”

Rob Morvillo, VP, Ethics & Compliance

Outcome / Reflection

The results of the monthly awareness campaigns were, and continue to be, tremendous. Not only did the Diebold Nixdorf team have more opportunities to engage employees, they also received feedback that the courses were easier to understand in their shortened format.

The international cartoon contest was a hit with the employees around the world. Not only did it encourage employees to consider what the specific compliance and ethics topics meant, but it provided the Compliance & Ethics team with their own repository of custom content.

“The biggest challenge is that people think compliance training is boring, and we now have cool, hip ways to interact with our employees.”

Rob Morvillo, VP, Ethics & Compliance