G&E Manager

Reduce the Risk of Misconduct

Empower all employees to understand and comply with your Gifts & Entertainment policies with our powerful web-based solution software.

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Complete Oversight of the Gifts & Entertainment Process

Organizational policy for accepting or giving improper gifts and hospitalities is critical for protecting your company from severe penalties or regulatory infraction, while also protecting you from costly reputational damage. 

Your policies and procedures should ensure that any gifts, travel and entertainment your employees are conferring to an outside party receives the appropriate and necessary scrutiny and approval. And it’s important that employees understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of your policies. Local and international bribery standards and recent enforcement trends indicate that any information regulators may ask for is data you should have readily available and easily accessible in your G&E system. 

Steele’s G&E Manager gives your team complete oversight of your gifts and entertainment process. Leverage flexible case management, automated approvals and notifications, and on-demand reporting to streamline your process, minimize risk and promote a healthy company culture. 

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Powerful, Efficient, Adaptable

Simple to Use

A simple and intuitive employee interface ensures employee participation and high reporting rates.

  • Form templates and detailed form customization 
  • Web-based simplicity; no more manual processes or spreadsheets 
  • Allow attachment of expense information (e.g. receipts) to web forms 

Holistic G&E Management

Complete oversight of gifts and entertainment process.

  • Route requests to anyone, anywhere (e.g. specific managers) 
  • Delegate the access and review of relevant request information 
  • Set automatic approval thresholds 
  • Automatic notification of requests 

Dynamic Dashboards & Reports

Visualize trends and minimize risk with dashboards and customizable reports.

  • Use charts and dashboards to pinpoint high risk scenarios or employees 
  • Utilize prepackaged widget dashboards, or easily build your own reports 
  • Filter requests by any variable (e.g. type, price, date) 
  • Analyze data to measure process efficiency 
  • Generate customized, compelling reports 

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