Ongoing Monitoring: Managing Third-Party Risk Amid Global Uncertainty

Third-party risk remains one of modern companies’ most significant compliance threats. This challenge has become ever more relevant with a changing regulatory and global environment, necessitating a greater expectation that companies engage in ongoing diligence beyond the initial onboarding.

Today’s compliance leaders are developing advanced due diligence and monitoring techniques that combine the very best of third-party data and time-tested compliance know-how. Proactively building systems to identify and protect against third parties’ bad behaviors will place your company well on the path toward more useful risk insights.

Companies that do not maintain constant visibility, in real-time, could potentially miss critical updates. Navigating novel global forces thus requires renewed third-party monitoring strategies focused on resolving risks proactively before more concerning problems can materialize.

This white paper explores these challenges and provides a roadmap for proactive third-party programs seeking to implement and maintain an effective ongoing monitoring program.

The organizations unafraid to update and enhance their due diligence, monitoring, and investigative capabilities will be empowered to safeguard their cultures, reputations, and bottom lines.

Download the whitepaper below.