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As an industry leader for over two decades, Steele has developed the products compliance officers need to thoroughly evaluate and mitigate potential risks. Steele has worked with global companies for over two decades to proactively address compliance in an innovative and cost-effective manner with products and services that incorporate industry-leading artificial intelligence, automation, training and human intelligence. 


Learn more about how our flexible, cost-effective suite of compliance tools can ease the burden of your compliance team.

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Tailored FCPA Solutions for Third-Party Intermediary Compliance, Supply Chain
Risk-Based Diligence
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Incident Management
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Creating a Credible & Defensible Program Whitepaper


Learn best practices relating to the systematic vetting of third parties such as resellers, agents, distributors, sales and marketing representatives, and joint venture partners. Get access to:


  • The credible and cost-effective approach of risk-based due diligence
  • The steps involved in the third-party vetting process, including the evaluation of business connections to local government
  • The critical components of an automated third-party due diligence program