Conflict of Interest

Steele’s COI RiskManager™ is a powerful web-based conflict of interest software that efficiently captures disclosures, automatically identifies potential conflicts, and provides reviewer workflows to quickly mitigate issues. COI RiskManager™ has been proven to be effective for any size organization, across any industry.


COI RiskManager™ includes everything you need to get started quickly and execute your compliance campaigns successfully.

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Powerful, Efficient, and Adaptable. 

Easy to use for the participant.

  • Disclosures are easy to fill out and update
  • Responses carry over from last submission


Easy to Use for the Organization

  • Automatic flagging and reminders
  • Configurable workflows and disclosures
Risk Manager dashboard

Reduce Risk

  • Dashboard summary of compliance metrics
  • Complete audit trails and instant visibility


Enterprise Integration

  • HR or external feeds, Single Sign-On and more
  • Import historic data

Conflict Resolution

  • Create and review cases to resolve conflicts
  • Compile notes, upload documents in one place


Reporting Capabilities

  • Interactive visualization and real-time reports
  • Custom reports available for your needs

Save Time and Increase Productivity

  • Better process eliminates labor intensive review
  • Real-time reports on any data


Secure Infrastructure

  • Multiple layers of physical and logical protection
  • ISO 27001 certified facilities
  • SCORM compliant