Risk-Based Due Diligence

We conduct more due diligence investigations than anyone else in the industry.

As the innovator and leader in due diligence we have built an infrastructure designed to scale to your organization’s needs. We have a proven methodology for conducting and managing large-volumes of due diligence that ensures timely, accurate and credible deliverables.


Our  fixed-scope, fixed-cost due diligence services provide your team with predictable timelines, coupled with accurate and timely reporting at an unmatched value.

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Creating a credible and defensible compliance program can significantly reduce your corruption risk. Steele’s due diligence services can be tailored to your organization’s needs, setting you up to successfully select, onboard, and proactively manage third parties while employing best practices.


We offer various levels of diligence that are critical in building a risk-based program.

Leverage Our AI-Driven Engine 

Steele’s negative news monitoring application uses machine learning and natural language processing (“NLP”) to filter vast quantities of unstructured data from millions of sources to identify risk potential efficiently.

Global Database Checks (GDC) 

Comprehensive screenings against 1000+ sanctions, embargo, politically exposed persons and government watch lists. Databases are regularly updated to reflect current events.


Ongoing Media Monitoring

Ongoing media monitoring using Steele’s AI driven, real-time monitoring and search tool. Transparint for negative news also screens against 1000+ sanctions, embargo, politically exposed persons and government watch lists. Databases are regularly updated to reflect current events.

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Analyst Driven Intelligence

Steele offers a unique combination of fixed-scope inquiry levels of due diligence to appropriately respond to the various levels of risk presented by a diverse supplier base.

Open Source Investigations (OSI)

A deeper investigatory dive, combining our GDC service with online media research for evidence of ABAC violations; a summary of third-party activities and affiliations; data-driven analysis of behavior, reputation, and integrity; a complete red flag report; and identification of ownership structure and principals.


Open Source Investigation + Steele Identified Principals (OSI+SIP)

Uses Steele’s proprietary research techniques and screening methodology to identify the appropriate individuals to investigate; an OSI + SIP identifies and vets up to three principals of a third party.


Beneficial Ownership Investigation (BOI)

Various levels of investigations from open source research to field-level reputational assessments of individual persons with 25% ownership or more in the primary entity.

Supply Chain Investigation (SCI)

Open source investigations of subjects within the client’s supply chain to identify issues of relevance relating to human rights, labor rights, environmental concerns or concerns related to ethical and sustainable sourcing.


Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

For your highest-risk third parties, Steele combines our GDC and OSI services with boots-on-the-ground investigations. Our local services include site visits; location confirmations; legally-obtainable record searches; and collection, analysis, and verification of all data relevant to the company’s business reputation.

5 Steps to Implementing a Risk-Based Program


A risk-based approach is a methodical and systematic process of knowing the company’s business, identifying its risks and implementing the best risk management practices that mitigate those liabilities. Recognizing and being able to articulate the value and purpose of a risk-based approach is an important step in building credibility in the compliance program.

Learn more about how to overcome the challenges of implementing a risk-based third-party program.