Risk Intelligence Data

Leverage the most powerful adverse media search & monitoring data available.

Provide your teams with a better way to find the most relevant results and decrease false positives through our unique, patented data service for adverse media search and monitoring.  Our real-time data can easily integrate into any internal or third-party platform to decrease risk, save valuable time, and ensure more effective decision-making.


  • Relied on by leading corporate and financial institutions to manage ABAC and AML risk posed by key customers and vendors
  • Supplement the gap of traditional databases by providing your team an unmatched level of data coverage
  • Include Watchlist, Sanctions and PEP data for additional coverage
  • Continuously monitor global media for reports of financial distress or business disruption to mitigate supply chain and merchant risk exposure
  • Easy implementation with our APIs and ongoing client support

Adverse Media / Negative News

Steele’s patented search & monitoring system provides greater real-time coverage of negative news and risk information than other commercial databases. Our dataset delivers fewer false positives by using machine learning to calculate and display a Relevancy Score for every result.


Watch Lists / Sanctions

Comprehensive screening capability that screens against 1400+ watchlists, sanctions and embargo lists. Our datasets are updated in real time to reflect current events. Additional lists identifying parties in higher risk industries such as marijuana related businesses (MRB) and money service businesses (MSB) are also available.


Beneficial Ownership

Identify entities that violate OFAC’s 50% rule. Updated regularly to reflect new OFAC designations and real-world changes to these sanctioned networks.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

A comprehensive list of Politically Exposed Persons around the world. Updated regularly, our list includes:

  • Heads of state, members of parliament and other government officials
  • Military officials
  • Highest members of the judiciary
  • National bank governors and members
  • Political and religious leaders
  • Relatives and other closely associated persons to PEPs


State Owned Enterprises (SOE)

Our comprehensive global SOE database is an essential tool for mitigating third-party and/or Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance risks. The dataset includes enterprises where the state has control through full, majority or significant minority ownership in:

  • State entities
  • Regional and local SOEs
  • Affiliates to SOEs and controlled entities
  • Central or national banks
  • International organizations
  • Searches billions of news articles and webpages in seconds
  • Data mined from over 5 million sources
  • Risk records on over 40 million entities and individuals
  • Global data from over 160 countries
  • 30,000 new records added every day

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