The most powerful negative news search & monitoring platform.

Steele’s AI driven, real-time monitoring and search tools for negative news, watchlist, sanction, and politically exposed persons will super charge your compliance program.


Transparint’s innovative platform uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to filter vast quantities of  unstructured data, from over 5.5 million sources, to efficiently identify financial crime, vendor and reputational risk – providing your investigators with the right search tool to cut through the noise and get to the most relevant risk information.

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Transparint Features

  • Searches in real-time more than 10 times the amount of negative news and risk information than other databases
  • Reduces False positives by using advanced matching science to calculate and display a Relevance Score for every result
  • Searches global news sources in multiple languages
  • Continually expanding with over 30,000 new risk-relevant documents added daily
  • Set up real-time alerts for ongoing monitoring of clients or investigative subjects
  • Access Risk Profiles for individuals and/or entities involved in financial crime or reputational risk events.
Transparint Monitor