Managing Conflicts of Interest

Few types of corporate misconduct can be as pernicious as conflicts of interest 

Is your current conflicts of interest process creating more risk? Here are 5 ways you could be at risk.

Managing the Blindspot, Conflicts of Interest

An ineffective Conflicts of Interest (COI) process can erode corporate culture, lead to regulatory enforcement actions, damage the corporate reputation or invite litigation. All companies have conflicts of interest, and many COIs arise without any malicious intent. COIs are a natural byproduct of corporations doing business in a complex, highly regulated world.  

Addressing conflicts of interest at scale, as part of the corporate compliance program, is no easy task. COIs are hugely diverse, and compliance officers need a thoughtful approach to wrestle them into a disciplined program.  Steele has best-in-class capabilities from training to conflicts of interest management enabling you to build a seamless, comprehensive COI program.

Manage Conflicts with Ease

Steele’s COI Risk Manager is a powerful web-based conflict of interest software that efficiently captures disclosures, automatically identifies potential conflicts and provides reviewer workflows to quickly mitigate potential issues.

  • Ease of use for participants, encouraging participation
  • Create and review cases seamlessly to resolve conflicts
  • Interactive visualization and real-time reportsInteractive visualization and real-time reports to review and enhance your program

Train Employees on Policies

Implement and distribute training and Code of Conduct with Steele’s Compliance Wave Training. Ensure your employees are trained on your Conflicts of Interests Policies.

  • Access 4000+ unique pieces of compliance content
  • 30+ languages, plus additional translation capabilities for 100+ languages 

Gain Visibility on Gifts & Entertainment

Get transparency on any gifts and entertainment your employees are receiving from partners and vendors by ensuring the appropriate approval is documented.

  • Leverage charts and dashboards to pinpoint high-risk scenarios or employees 
  • Form templates and detailed form customization for ease of use for employees
  • Set automatic notification of requests and approval thresholds
Let us show you how today’s global enterprises are using Steele’s platform to transform their compliance programs.