Risk-Based Due Diligence

Better Intelligence, Better Decisions

Creating a credible and defensible compliance program can significantly reduce your corruption risk. Steele’s due diligence services can be tailored to your organization’s needs, setting you up to successfully select, onboard, and proactively manage third parties while employing best practices.

We offer various levels of diligence that are critical in building a risk-based program, which includes:

Global Database Checks (GDC)

Comprehensive screenings against 1000+ sanctions, embargo, politically exposed persons and government watch lists. Databases are regularly updated to reflect current events.

Open Source Investigations (OSI)

For your medium-risk third parties, Steele combines our GDC with a desktop investigation by trained research analysts that gather, compile and analyze data from multiple digital sources.

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

For your highest-risk third parties, Steele combines our GDC and OSI services with boots-on-the-ground investigations. Our local services include site visits; location confirmations; legally-obtainable record searches; and collection, analysis, and verification of all data relevant to the company’s business reputation.