Third-Party Automation


Simply screening third parties against regulatory databases is necessary, but not sufficient to establishing a credible and defensible program that meets regulatory expectations. There are inherent risks at every stage of the process. To minimize that risk, deploying a third party compliance solution that supports the entire lifecycle is the key to developing a defensible ABAC program. Our SaaS-based third-party automation tool, Securimate, provides a platform that enables you to centralize your third-party data, streamline onboarding and renewal and ensure ongoing monitoring of third parties through a robust audit trail.


  • Securimate‚Äôs risk rating engine allows you to define and set your third party program according to your level of risk, automating a significant amount of the analysis and decision-making for your compliance department.
  • Simplify your intake process by developing, implementing and using Securimate to distribute your custom due diligence questionnaires. Can be translated in multiple languages.
  • Steele’s Global Database Check (GDC) enables you to screen third parties and their principals against hundreds of sanction, embargo, and government watch list databases.
  • Maximize your time and cost efficiency with a data processing engine that can upload and extract data associated with the entire third-party population.


  • Steele’s automated compliance workflow engine enables you to quickly and confidently vet, engage, monitor, and audit your third parties.
  • Pre-populated, editable renewal Due Diligence Questionnaires save time and resources.


  • A centralized data repository reflects up-to-date intelligence about your third-party population. Use it to accept, conduct, and populate the results of due diligence investigations.


  • Powerful analytics that allow you to track system-wide activity and generate key metric reports.
  • Feel confident in your ability to demonstrate compliance with an audit trail of completion of third-party training and education programs.

From risk model deployment to automated renewal processes, Securimate’s configurable platform helps you feel confident that your network is built with integrity, security, and accountability.