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Organizations with a global presence need an effective compliance program that reduces business risk.

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Language and cultural differences present serious challenges for effective compliance communication. Our compliance training solution, called Compliance Wave, allows your compliance training to overcome any global communication obstacle by:

  • Utilizing a diverse mix of compliance content that increases awareness
  • Offering resources in more than 30 languages, plus additional translation capabilities for 100+ languages
  • Simplifying the task of engaging employees and third parties around the world with materials in multiple languages
  • Providing 3000+ tools and features to meet your businesses needs


  • Compliance content that employees actually look forward to seeing
  • Strategic, frequent communications that reinforce compliance training
  • Tools for nearly all learning styles, from short videos to microtraining modules, case studies and cartoon strips
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Compliance Library

Frequent, consistent and engaging communication is key to increasing the effectiveness of your compliance program. Compliance Wave’s powerful content is based on behavior-change science, helping you grab your employees’ attention, mitigate business risks and drive lasting change.

With more than 3,000 pieces of content, Compliance Wave’s online Library is the most comprehensive collection of multimedia communication tools and resources for compliance and ethics professionals. Every piece of content carries a clear message and call to action, so employees aren’t just entertained – they’re learning.

How to Stop Delivering Boring Compliance Training

How to Stop Delivering Boring Compliance Training: A Holistic Approach to Employee Engagement

A company’s compliance training covers topics that have serious ramifications for individual employees as well as the business. Even so, many people see such training as fundamentally uninteresting, irrelevant – or just plain boring. Failing to engage employees could increase the risks of unethical or non-compliant behaviors.