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Performing risk-based due diligence on intermediaries has become a critical practice for companies to confidently mitigate third-party risks and is an essential component of building a credible anti-bribery anti-corruption (ABAC) program.

As the innovator and leader in due diligence, Steele has a proven methodology for conducting and managing large volumes of due diligence that ensures timely, accurate and credible deliverables. Combining a global presence and local expertise, Steele has conducted hundreds of thousands of investigations that stand up to DOJ and SEC scrutiny, and our report offerings provide the appropriate level of vetting based on risk.

Our Global Investigative Network:

  • Due diligence capabilities in 180 countries
  • 40+ local languages
  • Trained and vetted analysts
  • Compliance with legally obtainable information and data protection regulations

Database Screening:


Steele’s negative news monitoring application uses machine learning and natural language processing (“NLP”) to filter vast quantities of unstructured data from millions of sources to identify risk potential efficiently.

Global Database Checks (GDC):

Steele’s Global Database Check provides comprehensive screenings for third parties against more than 1,000 government sanction, embargo, and watch lists maintained by a wide range of enforcement and regulatory agencies from around the world.

Continuous Monitoring:

Implement ongoing media monitoring for your third parties using Steele’s AI driven, real-time monitoring and search tool, a fully automated negative news monitoring application that searches more sources than any other negative news application. Media Monitor uses machine learning and natural language processing to deliver the most relevant adverse media results and filters results based on a relevancy score that can be applied respectively to your low, medium, and high risk third parties.

Analyst Driven Intelligence:

Steele offers a unique combination of fixed-scope inquiry levels of due diligence performed by trained analysts to appropriately respond to the various levels of risk presented by a diverse supplier base.

Open Source Investigations (OSI):

A deeper investigatory dive, prepared by our compliance research analysts. Our Open Source Investigations Reports combine our database screening with analyst-driven research to uncover potential supplier risk. These reports are a summary of an entity or individual’s activities and affiliations; data-driven analysis of behavior, reputation, and integrity; a complete red flag report; and verification of ownership structure and principals. Analysts conduct research in both English and the local language, including searches in native characters where appropriate. A variety of open source investigations are available varying from Steele identified principals to corporate social responsibility focused reports to open source beneficial ownership reports.

Enhanced Field-Level Investigations:

For your highest-risk third parties, Steele combines our GDC and OSI services with boots-on-the-ground investigations. Our Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) report is a business intelligence report providing a comprehensive review prepared by Steele Analysts, in-country field investigators, and editors, all trained in ABAC issues and data protection/data privacy. Local investigators leverage social, business, and government contacts to investigate the existence of any relationships with organized crime, political figures, politically active groups, or any government ownership stake or interest in the business. Our local services include site visits; location confirmations; legally-obtainable record searches; and collection, analysis, and verification of all data relevant to the company’s business reputation and ownership.

An Extension of your Team:

Let us partner with your business, serving as an extension of your compliance team.

Managed Services:

Our team can help to unburden your overstretched staff by working with your team. Leverage Steele for:

  • Review and analysis of due diligence questionnaire responses by one of our expert multilingual analysts
  • Enhancements of third-party responses through direct interviews and thorough reference checks
  • Onboarding red flag review and adjudication
  • Intake form management