A Resource Guide to the FCPA, 2nd Edition

Automated compliance screening solutions are not perfect and regulators have signaled quite plainly that automation is not a replacement for human insight and expertise. Legal Read More

Rome Rooftop view

An Update on GDPR Enforcement

Corporate compliance professionals had two years to prepare their organizations for the arrival of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation earlier this year. Now Read More

Court Ruling

Appellate Court Trims FCPA Reach, Complicates Compliance

The corporate compliance community glimpsed a rare event in August: a federal court decision, U.S. v. Hoskins, that tried to define the limits of individual liability Read More

Third Parties and Supply Chain Risks: A Wide World

Today’s world of supply chain risk is transformed. Thanks to the rise of Internet technology and “the cloud,” companies now source services in their supply Read More

What Investigators Want to Know About Your Program

Earlier this year, the Fraud Section of the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Criminal Division surprised compliance officers with guidance on how regulators measure the effectiveness Read More

Steele Offers FCPA Compliance

FCPA Enforcement Trends Report: 2017

By virtue of its myriad forms, covert nature, and differences in the underlying methodology used to quantify the impact, estimates regarding the cost of corruption Read More

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