Integrated Risk Management

March 15th, 2014

Steele’s Integrated Risk Management Solution is the perfect combination of data insights, technology and people.

Steele is your best source for smarter business decisions, offering configurable compliance solutions that will help you thoroughly evaluate and mitigate potential risks. With products and services that incorporate industry leading artificial intelligence, automation, training, and human analysis, we partner with you to help you understand the world of the people you do business with and arm you with the right tools and information to continue to make ethical decisions.

Our integrated risk solution is designed to help you promote a culture of ethics and compliance.

Risk-Based Due Diligence

Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Intelligence 

Steele’s end-to-end ABAC solution couples industry-leading human intelligence with advanced automation, leveraging machine learning and natural language processing screening tools to provide your team with the most robust solution available. 

Adapt it for any stage of your compliance program, whether your organization needs to create and implement an anti-bribery program, augment your existing team, integrate new compliance training for employees, or to enhance your existing program.

  • Real-time screening and monitoring of entities and individuals using Steele’s artificial intelligence (AI) driven search tool, for media, watchlists, sanctions, and politically exposed persons 
  • Use Securimate, our cloud-based software platform to drive your risk-based approach to onboarding and managing your third parties
  • Leverage our highly trained global analyst team with local intelligence 
  • Analyze and create reports for key metrics using Steele Insights, our advanced analytics and metrics tool
  • Train third parties with our integrated training, and track and audit completions
  • Leverage our managed services team for project management or for additional support for your team

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Solution

Reduce False Positives

Our platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to filter vast quantities of unstructured data from millions of sources to efficiently identify financial crime and reputational risk. Our artificial intelligence solution contains a relevancy scoring algorithm to dramatically reduce your false positives.

  • Continuously monitor your third parties and customers in real-time 
  • Search, in real-time, more than 10 times the amount of negative news and risk information than other databases
  • Leverage Steele’s global team of analysts to conduct first level reviews of monitoring alerts, saving internal resource time clearing alerts
  • Track searches, results, and progress identifying potential capacity, aging, and backlog issues with our built-in case management 
  • Access millions of profiles that are constantly updated and sourced via our AI engine
  • Utilize our consolidated data set of profiles for individuals and entities involved in financial crime or reputational risk events
  • Order additional levels of due diligence using highly trained analysts, globally, for deeper dive intelligence reports on your highest risk customers

Corporate Social Responsibility Solution 

Supplier Transparency

Procurement and compliance departments are faced with the challenge of managing an increased number of supply chain risks posed by suppliers and vendors that range from human rights to environmental and governance, and even data privacy. Regulators have begun imposing more requirements on supply chain management, which in turn has increased the demand to understand what risks your suppliers pose.

With Steele’s Corporate Social Responsibility solution, you can mitigate risk by uncovering potential red flags before onboarding new suppliers.

  • Screen and monitor, in real time, entities and individuals using Steele’s artificial intelligence (AI) driven search tool for media, watchlists, sanctions, and politically exposed persons 
  • Utilize our APIs with your ERP systems to easily integrate your procurement process
  • Order additional enhanced levels of diligence using highly trained analysts, globally, for deeper dive intelligence reports on your highest risk vendors
  • Leverage our managed services team for data aggregation, validation, red flag review and adjudication

Compliance Training Solution

Drive Ethical Behavior 

Our Compliance Training Solution, Compliance Wave, delivers powerful content based on behavior-change science, helping you grab your employees’ attention, mitigate business risks and drive lasting change. Our compliance library, consisting of over 3000 pieces of content, is the most comprehensive collection of multimedia communication tools and resources for compliance and ethics professionals. Every piece of content carries a clear message and call to action, so employees aren’t just entertained – they’re learning.

  • Drive behavioral change with multi-modal, multi-channel communications that actually engage employees
  • Save time with ready-to-use, up-to-date content across 75 compliance topics
  • Communicate globally in virtually any language, with resources in more than 30 languages, plus additional translation capabilities for 100+ languages

Global Ethics Reporting Solution

Encourage a Speak-Up Culture

Organizations are challenged to build trust with their employee base, encouraging employees to speak up when wrongdoing occurs. Failure for employees to report ethical lapses are costly, leading to operational risk, significant fines and penalties, and reputational damage.

With IntegrityCountsTM by Whistleblower Security, Steele clients can deliver a comprehensive 24/7/365 Hotline and Case Management Service that provides your organization with an efficient and trustworthy ethics reporting process, helping employees, customers and suppliers feel safe and secure when reporting ethics and compliance related issues.

  • Facilitate the ability for your employees to engage in anonymous and confidential dialogue in over 200+ languages
  • Provide your organization with an easy-to-use and customizable confidential ethics reporting system with a robust and intuitive online Case Management application
  • Customize your options to meet the unique needs of your ethics and compliance program
  • Leverage this premier service offering that ensures your organization is supported at every stage of your program
  • Best-in-class security, data protection, and privacy protocols that ensure your organization’s sensitive data is always secure and protected

Program Advisory Services

Bespoke Compliance 

ABAC programs should never be one-size-fits-all. Our experts and partners will devise and implement a tailored strategy for your third-party compliance program that is aligned with your company’s existing tools and philosophies. 

From risk assessment to ABAC program implementation, Steele’s team of compliance experts will tailor a solution to your company’s unique needs. We’re here to give you the support you need to develop and maintain a robust ABAC program, so you can minimize risk and maximize value. Program services include:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Program Evaluation
  • Program Development
  • Program Implementation

Managed Services

Your Support Team

Steele can help improve your operations by augmenting your compliance team and assuming responsibilities for a variety of tasks. 

Steele can unburden your overstretched internal resources by serving as an extension of your compliance team. Together, we can devise a creative strategy for accomplishing a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • Intake Form Management
  • Data Validation and Cleansing
  • Red Flag Review

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