A Heritage of Innovation

Our Mission

Above all else, we at Steele are passionate about people. Our clients come first, always, and everything we do is in service of their best interests.

Steele Compliance Solutions Leadership Team

The Steele Story

Steele’s heritage of leadership and innovation was founded upon a bedrock of human intelligence. Over two decades ago our founder acted upon his passion for exposing corruption by building a business with the kind of thorough boots on the ground work that can’t be substituted with online searches. He recognized early on that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to ABAC investigatory services, and thus developed a configurable fixed-price, fixed-scope global model that made it easy for Steele’s clients to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs.

In 2007 we saw, and acted upon, a groundbreaking opportunity to integrate due diligence with third-party management software. The result: Securimate, Steele’s third-party automation SaaS platform that has revolutionized the way that companies can manage third-party data and relationships. We are proud to have created the standard for enhanced due diligence that remains a touchstone for the entire compliance industry.

Today, our commitment to putting people first continues to shine through. With the additions of industry-leading AI and innovative compliance training, Steele is committed to providing our clients an Integrated Risk Management Solution that simplifies compliance management. We remain dedicated to tailoring our compliance solution to each client’s unique needs and are always challenging ourselves to discover and develop innovative ways to better serve our business community.



We’re seeking people with optimism, integrity, and a passion for compliance. If you want to join a global team of innovators with big ideas, visit our Careers page to explore new opportunities.

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