Policy Manager

Simplify Policy Management

Give your employees the clarity and transparency to embrace your corporate policies in one easy-to-use integrated platform.

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Industry-leading Workflows, 100% Configurable

Companies are spending countless hours each week updating policies, managing policies, and ensuring comprehension. The challenges and risks associated with effective policy management can quickly become overwhelming. Keeping policies up to date, coordinating the review and approval process across departments, navigating government and industry regulation, ensuring that all policies are read and understood, and having an audit-friendly policy management compliance program are just a few of many policy-related concerns.

Steele’s Policy Manager is a powerful, web-based tool designed to be a comprehensive solution for simplified, effective policy management. Easy to use–so that you can focus less on administration, and more on building stronger compliance.

Take Back Control of Your Policies

Review, Create, Deploy and Administer Policies

Now, more than ever, a policy management program that is nimble and effective is critical. Steele’s Policy Manager provides your team with the ability to review, create, deploy and administer new policies quickly and seamlessly.

Regain Control of Policies

  • Industry-leading workflow process that is 100% configurable by you
  • Outline view, a feature-rich text editor, and modular document design allow fast, simple, and easily repeatable document drafting and editing 
  • System manages the review cycle and automatically notifies assigned owners of upcoming review cycles 
  • Add personal to-do’s at various stages of the workflow 
  • View entire revision history, or compare any two revisions to one another 

Ensure Employee Comprehension

  • Employees can quickly and easily find policies by running a search in Policy Portal 
  • Obtain metrics on frequency of access to policies 
  • Automatically send policy updates to target audiences, test policy comprehension, and receive attestation that policies are understood 
  • Support for any type of document, and flexible policy and document organization 
  • Quick access to most-viewed policies 

Reduce Your Risk Exposure

  • All actions and steps taken toward policy management compliance are automatically recorded for future audit-protection 
  • Regulations page allows you to itemize and track each policy, procedure, or step required by government or industry regulation 
  • Automated notifications and overdue reminders that are 100% client-configurable 

Let us show you how today’s global enterprises are using Steele’s platform to transform their compliance program.