Managed Services

Unburden Your Overstretched Resources

Compliance mandates are getting bigger, while budgets are staying stagnant. Leverage our team to support your compliance program.

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Fewer Resources Shouldn’t Mean More Risk

Less resources shouldn’t mean more risk. Steele’s dedicated client support team can offer short and long-term solutions to help unburden your overstretched staff and maximize your compliance program’s efficiencies.

Steele offers a broad range of Managed Client Support Services. Whether your needs are related to analysis, data management or overall program management, Steele will work collaboratively with your team to deliver manageable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Data Cleansing and Aggregation

Organizing and verifying mass amounts of third-party data can drain valuable in-house resources. Steele offers specially designed services to review, verify and organize all existing and incoming third-party data.

  • Enterprise-wide third-party data aggregation, validation and cleansing
  • Administrative assistance in validation of all documentation
  • Review and removal/archiving of duplicate data sets

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Screening and Red Flag Review

Depending on the size and type of your organization, your screening and red flag review process can easily be a full-time, overwhelming task. Steele can provide you with a dedicated analyst to support or conduct your review of screening and media monitor results.

  • Analyzed Global Database Check (AGDC): Review and analysis of watch list screening results.
    • Review of true matches vs. false positives
    • Fully searchable audit log of all adjudicated citations.
  • Analyzed Media Monitor (AMM): Review and analysis of media monitor results.
    • Onboarding red flag review and adjudication

Program Support Services

We recognize each client’s compliance needs are unique and Steele can tailor our support services to any client, in any industry, in order to enhance and support their existing or growing compliance program, allowing clients to scale up and down quickly and efficiently. Tailored program support services include, but are not limited to:

  • Compliance program assistance and management: implementation, logistics, workflow execution and training
  • Process, review and analysis of Intake Forms/Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ) responses (expert multilingual analyst available, as needed)
    • Procurement and enhancement of third-party responses through direct interviews and thorough reference checks. Process includes, but is not limited to, sending, collecting and reviewing Intake Forms, and direct intervention with the third party, as needed.
    • Part-time or full-service administrative assistance with setting up third parties and gathering data, ordering and reviewing due diligence and providing final approval recommendations for review by client compliance team
  • Short or Long-Term Outsourced Staffing
    • Steele personnel assume roles within the client team to:
    • Help gather data needed to administer the client Compliance Program
    • Create and maintain specific project dashboards

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