Whistleblower Hotline

An effective whistleblower hotline is a critical part of an overall effective corporate compliance program.

What should you keep in mind as you build your incident management programs? Consider these eight best practices.

Empower a Speak-Up Culture

Whistleblower programs are the connective tissue that keeps a culture of compliance together. They are the system that takes an employee complaint from start to resolution — and managed correctly, at scale, that system can provide invaluable insight about corporate performance and risks along the way.  

Empowering your employees to come forward requires more than a simple hotline number, it requires a multi-pronged approach that includes training, reporting, incident management and full transparency of corporate policies and code of conduct. 

Hotlines and Whistleblower programs are not only about satisfying regulatory requirements for an effective compliance program. They are fundamental to building trust with your employees, creating safe work environments and influencing an overall culture of integrity within your organization. Designed and operated wisely, they can also amplify a company’s strategic advantage against competitors.  

Simplify Incident Reporting

Streamline incident reporting and systematize case investigations, while providing full transparency for employees and investigators. Steele’s Incident Manager is the industry’s best solution for reporters, investigators and businesses. 

  • Easy reporting provides your employees with multiple ways to report: Web-based, SMS, or phone
  • Streamlines case investigation to ensure process compliance by routing cases through a fully customized workflow

Train Your Employees

Implement and distribute training and Code of Conduct directly through with Steele’s Compliance Wave Training to ensure your employees know when to report an issue. Train, track, audit your training within our attestation manager for greater visibility.  

  • Access 4000+ unique pieces of compliance content
  • 30+ languages, plus additional translation capabilities for 100+ languages 

Manage Policies Effectively

Ensure employees have access to up-to-date policies to provide clarity and transparency on your organization’s policies. Steele’s Policy Manager is a powerful, web-based tool designed to be a comprehensive solution for simplified, effective policy management.

  • Automatically sends policy updates to target audiences, tests policy comprehension, and tracks attestations to ensure that policies are understood 
  • Manage the review cycle with ease with custom workflows that notify assigned owners of upcoming review cycles 
Let us show you how today’s global enterprises are using Steele’s platform to transform their compliance programs.