Supplier Risk

Integrating supply chain due diligence into procurement practices can help your company create a more resilient and sustainable supply chain. 

Learn how to incorporate due diligence into your supplier onboarding process to mitigate reputational risk.

Most Business Have Little Or No Information On Suppliers

Procurement and compliance departments are faced with the challenge of managing an increased number of supply chain risks posed by suppliers and vendors that range from human rights to environment and governance, and even data privacy. Regulators have begun imposing more requirements on supply chain management, which in turn has increased the demand to understand what risks suppliers pose.  

With Steele’s unique set of industry-leading solutions, you can easily and seamlessly mitigate risk by uncovering potential red flags before onboarding new suppliers.  

Automate Onboarding

Seamlessly screen, onboard and monitor your suppliers with ease with Steele’s Third-Party Manager. Utilize our APIs for your ERP systems to easily integrate with your procurement process.

  • Easy upload and extraction of your data associated with the entire supply chain population.
  • Advanced workflows, for approval management that allow you to track and set notifications

Conduct Risk-Based Diligence

Uncover potential issues proactively to ensure a more ethical and sustainable supply chain, protecting your company against regulatory scrutiny and negative publicity.

  • Screen and monitor using Steele’s AI-driven, real-time monitoring and search tool, Risk Intelligence Data
  • Order additional levels of due diligence using highly trained analysts and investigators, globally, for deeper dive intelligence reports on your highest risk vendors 
  • Leverage Steele’s Data Disruption dataset to monitor global media for reports of financial distress or business disruption to mitigate supply chain and merchant risk exposure

Unburden Your Overstretched Resources

Our Managed Services Group can assist your team with a variety of tasks, serving as an extension of your organization. 

  • Logistics and support for your corporate social responsibility programs, including implementation, workflow execution, and training 
  • Enterprise-wide supply chain data aggregation, validation and cleansing 
  • Red flag review and adjudication
Let us show you how today’s global enterprises are using Steele’s platform to transform their compliance programs.