Compliance Training

Create a culture of engagement that introduces a new approach to “championing compliance.”

Adopt a holistic approach to employee compliance training. Find out how you can engage your employees more effectively.

Drive Ethical Behavior

Organizations with a global presence need an effective compliance program that reduces risk. Frequent, consistent and engaging communication is key to increasing the effectiveness of your compliance program. Every piece of content you send out should have a clear message and call to action, so employees aren’t just entertained – they’re learning.

A company’s compliance training covers topics that have serious ramifications for individual employees as well as the business. Failing to engage employees could increase the risks of unethical or non-compliant behaviors. Steeles powerful training content is based on behavior-change science, helping you grab your employees’ attention, mitigate business risks and drive lasting change.

Frequent, Engaging Content

With more than 4,000 pieces of content, Compliance Wave Training’s online Library is the most comprehensive collection of multimedia communication tools and resources for compliance and ethics professionals. Every piece of content carries a clear message and call to action, so employees aren’t just entertained – they’re learning. 

Access Code of Conduct Resources

Deliver your required annual Code training in our microlearning whiteboard format. Our code of conduct module allows you to send out an engaging yearly certification training and on-going compliance communication to keep your employees engaged.

Access to Additional Training Libraries

Your organization is subject to a continuously changing regulatory landscape that requires you to keep employees trained and engaged in a variety of issues specific to your industry. Our Compliance Wave libraries include specific modules on Data Privacy, Third-Party training, Trade Compliance and Healthcare Compliance.

Let us show you how today’s global enterprises are using Steele’s platform to transform their compliance programs.