A Holistic Approach to Employee Engagement

A company’s compliance training covers topics that have serious ramifications for individual employees as well as the business. Even so, many people see such training as fundamentally uninteresting, irrelevant – or just plain boring. Failing to engage employees could increase the risks of unethical or non-compliant behaviors.

It’s essential for compliance and ethics professionals to understand what factors contribute to boring training, and how to counter with strategies that spark interest, foster engagement and drive meaningful change.

Making sure that your compliance content is concise, varied and relevant is the first essential step to mitigating boredom and training fatigue. But, to truly engage and motivate employees, you need to be proactive about gaining their attention and creating emotional connections.

If your current compliance resources just aren’t getting through to bored, disengaged audience members, you need to employ strategies for getting around their defenses. Entertaining cartoons or surprising video content are good ways to overturn your audience’s expectations, using pattern interruptions that make them more receptive and open to new learning.

Using a variety of media provides additional opportunities to illustrate and show scenarios, which is helpful in making abstract compliance issues more concrete and relatable for employees. Video, in particular, gives you the capability to arrange music, imagery, pacing and other elements in a strategic manner that gets your audience’s attention and guides them through an emotional experience, making your compliance training more resonant.

This whitepaper covers:

  • What makes compliance training so boring?
  • The three main factors that lead to employee disengagement.
  • The importance of establishing emotional connections.

Download the whitepaper below.