“It’s not over yet.” 

The advent of COVID-19 variants and disparities in vaccination status and mask-wearing and testing protocols have created an unpredictable, unsettling environment in every realm of social and professional activity. Nonetheless, as the world continues to reopen, we in the compliance world face the daunting task of keeping our staff and organizations safe.

As we emerge from the last year and a half and into the ‘new normal’ workplace, it’s critical that both managers and employees demonstrate flexibility, creativity, patience, and compassion. This moment provides us with a rare opportunity to re-evaluate our organizations’ policies and procedures and new options for how best to conduct business.

In our latest whitepaper, we offer an assessment of the current situation, helpful ‘tips for survival’ when transitioning to this ‘new normal’ and a look at how to re-establish and reinforce your company’s ethical culture.