Policy Management

Businesses are grappling with managing an ever-increasing number of policies to address a constantly changing regulatory landscape and crises like COVID-19. The need for a holistic way to manage and distribute policies across the organization has never been more critical.

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Policy Management that is Nimble and Effective

Employers are facing an ever-growing number of new compliance issues related to COVID-19, often requiring new or updated policies or guidelines related to federal, state and local mandates. Businesses must continue to manage an effective and productive workforce in order to maintain business operations. However, many companies are grappling with how to quickly review and revise hundreds of policies or create new ones to address this rapidly evolving situation.   

The challenges and risks associated with effective policy management can quickly become overwhelming. Keeping policies up to date, coordinating the review and approval process across departments, navigating government and industry regulation, ensuring that all policies are read and understood and having an audit-friendly policy management compliance program are just a few of many policy-related concerns. 

The key elements of a strong policy management program should include an automated system that systematizes the process of developing and distributing policies, the ability to train employees quickly and effectively and an easy to use platform for reporting any potential misconduct.

Manage Policies Effectively

Ensure employees have access to up-to-date policies to provide clarity and transparency on your organization’s policies. Steele’s Policy Manager is a powerful, web-based tool designed to be a comprehensive solution for simplified, effective policy management.

  • Automatically sends policy updates to target audiences, tests policy comprehension, and tracks attestations to ensure that policies are understood 
  • Manage the review cycle with ease with custom workflows that notify assigned owners of upcoming review cycles 

Train Your Employees

Implement and distribute compliance training and Code of Conduct with Steele’s Compliance Wave Training to ensure your employees know when to report an issue. Train, track, and audit your training within our attestation manager for greater visibility.  

  • Access 4000+ unique pieces of compliance content
  • 30+ languages, plus additional translation capabilities for 100+ languages 

Simplify Incident Reporting

Streamline incident reporting and systematize case investigations, while providing full transparency for employees and investigators. Steele’s Incident Manager is the industry’s best solution for reporters, investigators and businesses. 

  • Easy reporting provides your employees with multiple ways to report: Web-based, SMS, or phone
  • Streamlines case investigation to ensure process compliance by routing cases through a fully customized workflow
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