Ensuring ethical conduct is a complex undertaking that requires a detailed understanding of the global compliance environment, considerable time and specialized expertise.

Rising expectations for a “risk assured” Mergers and Acquisitions process require a more effective due diligence strategy to mitigate corruption risk.

Evaluate, Onboard & Monitor Third-Parties

It’s clear from the US Department of Justice and SEC’s recently updated Resource Guide to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the US Office of Foreign Asset Control’s recently published framework for an effective Sanctions Compliance Program (SCP), the UK Serious Fraud Office’s UK Bribery Act guidance, the French AFA’s guidance for companies on anti-corruption programs and the ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems Standard that global regulators and prosecutors all speak to the importance of a risk-based approach to third-party management.  Regulators’ expectations have moved beyond “check the box” strategies and programs are now expected to include training, policy management and ongoing monitoring that ensure corruption risk is managed effectively.  Building a credible and defensible program that meets regulatory expectations requires access to the full complement of automation, training, due diligence and analytic tools available in the market to manage your risk holistically.  

Steele has best-in-market capabilities across all of these domains enabling you to build a seamless, comprehensive and global third-party compliance program.

Automate Your Third-Party Process

Seamlessly screen, onboard and monitor your third-parties with Steele’s Third-Party Manager. Our advanced workflows and proprietary Risk Rating engine allows you to automate your processes, freeing up your team to focus on medium and high-risk third parties.

  • Centralize all your third-party data securely and track system-wide activity with a robust audit log 
  • Manage and track approvals and red flag rates 
  • Enhanced analytics to track, enhance and benchmark your program

Conduct Risk-Based Due Diligence

The biggest brands in the world have been relying on Steele Due Diligence Services for over two decades to provide critical insights for the onboarding of third parties, vendors, customers and suppliers.

  • Screen and monitor using Steele’s AI-driven, real-time monitoring and search tool, Risk Intelligence Data
  • Order additional levels of due diligence using highly trained analysts and investigators, globally, for deeper dive intelligence reports on your highest risk vendors 
  • Integrate diligence reports within Third Party Manager associated with your third-party profile for audit and tracking 

Train Employees & Third Parties

Implement and distribute ABAC training and Code of Conduct with Compliance Wave Training. Train, track, and audit within our Third-Party Manager platform for greater visibility.  

  • Access 4000+ unique pieces of compliance content
  • 30+ languages, plus additional translation capabilities for 100+ languages 
Let us show you how today’s global enterprises are using Steele’s platform to transform their compliance programs.