There was a need for a more impactful compliance and ethics communication strategy at Bristol-Myers Squibb that could be implemented by the global compliance team, and that would resonate with all 25,000+ employees around the world.

There was a long history of “push” messaging, where the compliance and ethics department was seen more as the “police,” instead of the compliance “partner,” within the organization.

Additionally, the pre-existing program utilized content that was perceived as boring and led to persistent employee disengagement.

We would occasionally try to change this by buying custom made videos from 3rd party vendors but [they were] very expensive and not translated.”

Wanda Miller, Manager of Compliance Education and Communication


The compliance team leaders sought out a solution that would not only provide a sustainable volume of compliance content, in enough languages to satisfy the company’s global reach, but also a network of support that would allow for a long-term partnership.

eCorporate Compliance unveiled Steele’s Compliance Wave Training Membership, alongside an updated company newsletter, to 80 regional compliance managers during the Bristol-Myers Squibb Worldwide Compliance Meeting.

To promote global accessibility, align messaging to prevent overlap and ensure governance, Wanda developed a simple web page for the compliance managers to create personal Library accounts.

Outcome / Reflection

Within the first month of integration, 15 regional compliance and ethics managers at Bristol-Myers Squibb were accessing and deploying new content with the help of their designated Compliance Wave Training Membership Engagement Manager.

Other internal departments at Bristol-Myers Squibb, taking the lead from the Compliance and Ethics department, have also begun to change the way they communicate and are adopting an engaging, lighter style of messaging.

“We don’t have to be so serious all of the time to get the message across. [It’s] really breaking new ground here at BMS. Other groups take their cue from compliance and it’s giving other groups ‘permission’ to lighten up a little, too.”

Wanda Miller, Manager of Compliance Education and Communication