COI Risk Manager

Uncover Your Hidden Risk

Identify and mitigate conflicts of interest before they become an issue with our powerful web-based solution software.

Not All Conflicts of Interest Software are Created Equal

Conflict of interest software solutions have become a critical component in minimizing exposure to the risk and cost of noncompliance. But not all conflict of interest solutions are created equal. Many will perform only the most basic tasks and functions, while others are built with features that go above and beyond in protecting you, and your company, from exposure to risk and cost.

Steele’s COI Risk Manager is the ‘above and beyond’ solution. A powerful web-based conflict of interest software that efficiently captures disclosures, automatically identifies potential conflicts and provides reviewer workflows to quickly mitigate issues. COI Risk Manager has been proven to be effective for any size organization, across any industry, with features that drive 100% compliance, built-in reporting functions, audit protections and the best data insights, visualizations and analytics in the market.

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Save Time, Increase Productivity

Case Management

Automation frees your investigators to focus on the case.

  • Everything within one click – case notes, attachments, etc  
  • Timely escalations to maintain focus on critical steps  
  • Immediate insight into case status and progress  

Configurable Workflow

Streamline disclosure submissions, case investigations and ensure process compliance by routing cases through a fully customized workflow.

  • Implement and ensure regulation compliant business processes  
  • Complete audit trails and instant visibility  
  • Import historic data  

Easy to Use

Efficiencies that encourage cost-effective enterprise scalability.

  • Targeted campaigns for flexible and precise interaction within your organization 
  • Direct integration of HR System 
  • Administrators easily ensure that required steps are completed

Personalization and Control

Make the system work for you, not the other way around.

  • Users setup their experience to conform to their ways of working  
  • Pre-packaged templates and workflows that can be modified for your business 
  • Self-administration capability allows modifications on your own time and cost schedule 

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