How to Design the Ideal Conflict of Interest Management Process

Conflicts of interest create all manner of ethical, reputational and regulatory problems. Companies must be able to find and manage conflicts to an appropriate resolution. COI programs should aim for 100% compliance and foster a sense of fairness in the workplace, reduce the risk of civil litigation and help the company to identify other issues. 

Structured and managed well, your COI program can help the company be more responsive to potential trouble overall — a strategic capability every business should strive to achieve.

Modern conflict-of-interest programs need technology to succeed. Without it, a business is overwhelmed with too many conflicts to review, and COIs linger without remediation. But if you’re looking for a technological solution, you need to ensure you’re investing in the right one for your needs—both for today and as your compliance program evolves. 

This guide covers:

  • Designing the ideal conflict of interest management process.
  • Utilizing technology that is fast, cost-effective, and scalable for for users.
  • Constructing strong, precise oversight for your COI program.

Download the guide below.