Incident Manager

Protect Your Customers, Employees and Reputation

Empower your employees and encourage a speak-up culture with the most flexible case management and hotline service available.

Encourage Incident Reporting and Simplify Case Management

Empowering your employees to come forward requires more than a simple hotline number, it requires a multi-pronged approach that includes training, reporting, incident management and full transparency of corporate policies and code of conduct. 

Incident management programs are the connective tissue that keeps a culture of compliance together. They are the system that takes an employee complaint from start to resolution — and managed correctly, at scale, that system can provide invaluable insight about corporate performance and risks along the way.  

Steele’s Incident Manager is the most flexible case management and hotline service available. Simplify incident reporting and ensure complete case investigation with full transparency using our Incident Manager–the industry’s best solution for reporters, investigators, and businesses. 

Get the industry’s best solution for investigators, reporters and businesses.

Streamline Investigation, Documentation and Findings

Incident management systems are not only about satisfying regulatory requirements for an effective compliance program. Designed and operated wisely, they can also amplify a company’s strategic advantage against competitors.  

Case Management

Automation frees investigators to focus on the case.

  • Everything within one click – case notes, attachments, etc.
  • Timely escalations to maintain focus on critical steps 
  • Real time translation means your teams are never waiting 

Personalization and Control

Make the system work for you, not the other way around.

  • Users setup their experience to conform to their ways of working 
  • Administrators easily ensure that required steps are completed 
  • Powerful, configurable and shareable dashboards and reports 

Easy Incident Reporting

Configure questions and offer upload options to ensure you collect all information needed for any type of report.

  • Web-based, SMS, phone, manager “walk-in” kiosk 
  • Secure and discreet follow-up with reporters 
  • Ability to report anonymously 

Configurable Workflow

Streamline case investigation and ensure process compliance by routing cases through a fully customized workflow.

  • Design incident, group and task specific workflows 
  • Implement and ensure regulation compliant business processes 
  • Immediate insight into case status and progress 

Let us show you how today’s global enterprises are using Steele’s platform to transform their compliance programs.