CA Technologies needed to identify and communicate via more channels to reach their 11,000+ employees.

The team needed a resource that could be shared among many departments internally, and a solution that was easy to implement across those departments.


Upon gaining access, the compliance and ethics team began to pull resources from the Library. From rotating Ethics and Character Quotes in email signature blocks to building out a quarterly newsletter featuring Kids on Compliance videos, the team used many facets of the Library to freshen the current training structure.

Once the team was familiar with the Library (just a few weeks after gaining access) they shared details with senior members of the Regional Business Ethics Council, encouraging them to access the Library and start using resources in their communications and during live meetings.

Additionally, the team was able to get the Senior Sales Management team involved.

Outcome / Reflection

The team accomplished more in their first month of Membership than they thought they could, exceeding all expectations. 

In less than 30 days, the team identified and began communicating content from the Steele Compliance Wave Training Library through 6 additional channels: live meetings, email signatures, intranet, LMS, newsletter and internal tv.