Managing the “New Normal” Workplace

A guide to transitioning to the ‘new normal’ and a look at how to re-establish and reinforce your company’s ethical

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Navigating Corruption Risk in M&A Transactions

Compliance officers have long understood the need for due diligence in mergers and acquisitions: to root out corruption risks that might return to haunt the Read More

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Responding to the Call for Innovation

For banks juggling an array of regulatory requirements, it often seems like financial crime compliance gobbles up many of the available resources – for some Read More

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Investigative Due Diligence: Going Beyond Database Checks

It’s now common knowledge among corporate compliance officers that performing due diligence on third parties is a must for large organizations. Still, too many organizations Read More

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Creating a Credible & Defensible Programme

Ensuring compliance with anti-corruption statutes such as the UK’s Bribery Act, Sapin II in France, or the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is a complex Read More



Eight Capabilities for Effective Third-Party Training

As a Compliance Officer, you know that training third-parties is critical to the success of your compliance program, and indeed to the success of your Read More

AI and Human Intelligence


AI and Human Driven Analysis for Stronger Compliance

It’s not news that third-party risks are overwhelming corporate compliance functions. Organizations now use more third parties, in more mission-critical ways, than ever before; while Read More

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