Quintiles wanted to incorporate an ongoing communication strategy that would appeal to a growing segment of mobile users by creating frequent communication that goes beyond training events and standard LMS content.

With limited time and resources, it can be hard to create content from scratch. Quintiles needed a go-to resource for compliance content.


Upon becoming a Compliance Wave Training Member, the compliance and ethics team created a monthly newsletter for all global staff that hosts articles, blogs and videos.

Once the newsletter content is ready, three other versions are created (English, Spanish and Japanese). These versions are brought to the Office of General Counsel for review, editing and approval. Working internally across departments ensures that the newsletters are perfect for launch.

“Since [Compliance Briefs are] available in so many languages, we’ll create an image with the title in all the languages with the image as a link that will permit readers to run the video in the language of their choice. We can track which languages are selected, how many users view the video, and how many watch it partially or all the way to the end.”

Global Head of Compliance Training

Outcome / Reflection

Results were so favorable, that Quintiles has also created a quarterly “Manager’s Edition” to speak directly to the middle-management departments, providing tools, tips and best practices for dealing with compliance and ethics issues as they arise on the front lines of the organization.