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Your employees and business partners are confronted with ethical decisions every day that impact your company. To create a culture of integrity, you need to empower people to make the right choices. 

Steele, now Diligent, is the global leader in Ethics & Compliance Management. We partner with the world’s largest, most respected companies to deliver compliance products and services that help organizations embrace a culture of compliance while protecting their brand.

Steele Compliance is now Diligent.

Our Ethics and Compliance Platform leverages automation and human intelligence to help you navigate potential risks by providing the tools you need to inform, educate and document the path to ethical business decisions.  

Trusted by Businesses from Around the World

With the solution fully implemented, I am confident that our COI process adheres to the industry-leading ethics standards for which Con Edison is known. We look forward to using the system in upcoming years and the value it adds to our compliance program, while mitigating risk and maximizing efficiency.

Tricia Ryan

Project Specialist, Business Ethics & Compliance, Consolidated Edison, Inc.

It was super easy to plug everything into our Learning Management System, customer service has been so wonderful to work with, and it’s so wonderful that they’re always adding new content. It’s really exciting to be logging in and seeing new stuff, because there are other providers out there that maybe don’t refresh it that often.

Nick Johnson

Analyst, Business Ethics & Compliance, JetBlue



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