Preparing for the EU Directive on Corporate Due Diligence

It has now been a month since the European Commission closed its consultation into mandatory corporate due diligence and accountability

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10 Traits of a Strong Culture of Compliance

A strong corporate culture of compliance, one that embraces ethics and compliance and leverages that rigor for strategic advantage, always has several traits common to Read More


The SEC’s New Rules for Whistleblower Awards

The changes have implications that corporate compliance officers should consider as they run their own internal reporting programs. Broadly speaking, the reforms give whistleblowers more Read More


Exploring Circular Ownership in Compliance Investigations

Circular ownership structures may take several different forms and may occur in a closed or open circular setup. These structures could be simple or complex, Read More

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Questions to Ask Your COI Provider

Choosing an External COI Software Provider Can Be a Daunting Process Below are a list of key questions you should be asking a potential provider Read More

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Steele Expands Industry-Leading Risk Data & Insights Platform Through info4c Acquisition

Steele strengthens its position as a leading risk intelligence data platform for identifying and mitigating compliance risk. SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. and ZURICH, Switzerland – December Read More


Best Practices for Effective Policy Management

Effective policy management has always been critical to the success of corporate compliance programs. The events of 2020, however, have been a powerful reminder that Read More

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