A Q&A on Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Management: Candid Insights on COI Success from Industry Experts Steele Compliance Solutions is proud to bring you

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10 Critical Lessons from the DOJ’s 2020 Update

On June 1, 2020, the DOJ updated its Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs guidance. A review of those changes deemed substantive is set forth below. Read More


Covid-19 and ABAC

A new reality is unfolding due to the significant changes that societies all around the world have experienced as a result of the effects of Read More

Beyond Compliance Automation, Human Touch


Thinking Beyond Automation: The Human Touch

Automated compliance screening solutions are not perfect and regulators have signaled quite plainly that automation is not a replacement for human insight and expertise. Legal Read More


SFO Handbook Update: An In-depth Look

What Does the SFO Handbook Update on Evaluating Compliance Programs Tell Us About Designing an Effective Compliance Program? The UK’s Serious Fraud Office (“SFO”) updated Read More


The Art of Seamless Third Party Onboarding

Seamless Onboarding of Third Parties: What Is It and How Do You Build It? Corporate compliance programs have long played a crucial role in the Read More

mistakes compliance professionals make


The Ten Biggest Mistakes Made by Compliance Professionals

In this difficult time, it’s more important than ever to do your best work to secure your position and the program. Join us to discover Read More

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