A Q&A on Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Management: Candid Insights on COI Success from Industry Experts Steele Compliance Solutions is proud to bring you

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EAR Amendments Pose New Compliance Challenges and Solutions

These BIS rules have been substantially expanded and now apply to a broader range of export activities that previously did not pose any particular enforcement Read More


Transforming Data Flows Into Actionable Insights

In this difficult time, it’s more important than ever to do your best work to secure your position and the program. Join us to discover Read More


A Resource Guide to the FCPA, 2nd Edition

Automated compliance screening solutions are not perfect and regulators have signaled quite plainly that automation is not a replacement for human insight and expertise. Legal Read More


Steele Announces AI-Driven Risk Intelligence Data Services

Patented AI-powered data solution provides the largest real-time source of negative news and risk information, including watchlist and sanction lists, adverse media and state-owned entities  Read More


COI Fundamentals: 4 Critical Features for an Effective COI Process

Minimize Exposure to the Risk and Cost of Noncompliance Conflict of interest software solutions have become a critical component in minimizing exposure to the risk Read More


5 Ways Your COI Process Is Creating Risk

An outdated or inefficient process for tracking and dealing with conflicts of interest can be a major contributor to the risk of noncompliance. However, the Read More

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