Supply Chain Investigations

Managing Reputational Risks

As information has begun to travel faster, and further than ever before, the need to properly assess supply chain vendors is more important than ever in managing your companies reputational risk.

Procurement and compliance departments must manage an increased number of supply chain risks posed by suppliers and vendors. Regulators have begun imposing more requirements on supply chain management, which in turn has increased the demand to understand what risks your suppliers pose.

Uncovering potential issues proactively ensures a more ethical and sustainable supply chain which allows your company to avoid regulatory scrutiny and negative publicity.


Most businesses have little or no information about suppliers. With Steele’s Supply Chain Investigation reports you mitigate risk by uncovering potential red flags before onboarding new suppliers.

Steele provides various levels of investigation of entities for specific areas of concern, including:

  • Sanction, Embargo & Watch List
  • Occuptational Health & Safety
  • Export Controls
  • Human Rights
  • Labor Rights
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption
  • Document Confiscation & Falsification
  • Criminal Activity

Integrating supply chain due diligence into procurement practices can help your company create a more resilient and sustainable supply chain.