Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption

Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Intelligence

Ensuring ethical conduct is a complex undertaking that requires a detailed understanding of the global compliance environment, considerable time, and specialized expertise.

Steele’s end-to-end ABAC solution, couples industry-leading human intelligence with advanced automation, leveraging machine learning and natural language processing screening tools to provide your team with the most robust solution available.

Adapt our ABAC solution for any stage of your compliance program, whether your organization needs to create and implement an anti-bribery program, augment your existing team, integrate new compliance training for employees, or to enhance your existing program.

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Securimate Automates Third-Party Compliance

Seamlessly Screen and Onboard Third Parties with Our Industry Leading AI Engine

  • Screen third parties using  Steele’s AI driven, real-time monitoring and search tool, TransparINT for negative news, watchlist, sanction, and politically exposed persons 
  • Maximize your time and cost efficiency with a data processing engine that can upload and extract data associated with the entire third-party population
  • Utilize our APIs for your ERP systems to easily integrate with your procurement process
  • Implement & distribute your custom due diligence questionnaires using Securimate, directly to your third-parties and track completion ( multiple languages available)
  • Advanced workflows for approval management that allow you to track and set notifications

Conduct Risk-Based Due Diligence

  • Ongoing media monitoring using Steele’s AI driven, real-time monitoring and search tool, Transparint for negative news
  • Order additional levels of due diligence using highly trained analysts, globally, for deeper dive intelligence reports on your highest risk vendors
  • Integrate diligence reports within Securimate, associated with your third-party profile for audit and tracking
Levels of Due Diligence Comparison List

Manage Your Third Party Lifecycle

  • Centralize all your third-party data securely, using Securimate, and confidently and track system-wide activity with a robust audit log
  • Customize alerts, reminders, and notifications
  • Manage and track approvals, and red flag rates
  • Set alerts for renewals and ongoing monitoring

Train Your Third Parties

  • Implement and distribute third-party training directly through Securimate with our integrated third party training module. Train, track, audit
  • Implement and distribute our Code of Conduct training to all your third parties easily and seamlessly with integrated training modules
Compliance Wave Training on Laptop
Case-Red-Flags-Laptop with Business Insights

Analyze and Enhance Your Program

  • Track the health of your compliance program with Steele Insights built in KPI Dashboards
  • Analyze key metrics regarding your third-party population including type, category, risk level, approval status and more
  • Access our case management and red flag dashboards that allow you track open/closed cases by stage, status, red flag types and more
  • Benchmark your program

Extend Your Team

Let us partner with you business, serving as an extension of your compliance team

  • Compliance and ethics program development and implementation with our program advisory team
  • Logistics and support for your third-party compliance programs, including implementation, workflow execution, and training
  • Enterprise-wide third-party data aggregation, validation, and cleansing
  • Review and analysis of due diligence questionnaire responses by one of our expert multilingual analysts
  • Enhancements of third-party responses through direct interviews and thorough reference checks
  • Onboarding red flag review and adjudication
  • Project management
5 Steps to Implementing a Risk-Based Program

5 Steps to Implementing a Risk-Based Due Diligence Program

A risk-based approach is a methodical and systematic process of knowing the company’s business, identifying its risks and implementing the best risk management practices that mitigate those liabilities. Recognizing and being able to articulate the value and purpose of a risk-based approach is an important step in building credibility in the compliance program.

Learn more about how to overcome the challenges of implementing a risk-based third-party program.