Corporate Social Responsibility

Most Businesses Have Little Or No Information About Suppliers

With Steele’s Corporate Social Responsibility Solution you can mitigate risk by uncovering potential red flags before onboarding new suppliers.

Procurement and compliance departments are faced with the challenge of managing an increased number of supply chain risks posed by suppliers and vendors that range from human rights to environment and governance, and even data privacy. Regulators have begun imposing more requirements on supply chain management, which in turn has increased the demand to understand what risks suppliers pose.

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Steele provides various levels of investigation of entities for specific areas of concern.

Uncovering potential issues proactively ensures a more ethical and sustainable supply chain which allows your company to avoid regulatory scrutiny and negative publicity.

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Automate 3P Management

Seamlessly Onboard Suppliers, using our Saas-based tool Securimate

  • Utilize our APIs for your ERP systems to easily integrate with your procurement process
  • Easy upload and extraction of your data associated with the entire supply chain population.
  • Advanced workflows, with Securimate, for approval management that allow you to track and set notifications

Conduct Risk-Based Due Diligence

  • Screen supply chain vendors using  Steele’s AI driven, real-time monitoring and search tool, TransparINT for negative news, watchlist, sanction, and politically exposed persons – scanning 5.5 million sources in real-time.
  • Order additional enhanced levels of diligence using highly trained analysts, globally, for deeper dive intelligence reports on your highest risk vendors.
  • Integrate diligence reports within Securimate, for transparency and auditing.
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Let us unburden your overstretched internal resources

Our managed services group can assist your team with a variety of tasks, serving as an extension of your organization.

  • Logistics and support for your corporate social responsibility programs, including implementation, workflow execution, and training
  • Enterprise-wide supply chain data aggregation, validation, and cleansing
  • Red flag review and adjudication


Integrating supply chain due diligence into procurement practices can help your company create a more resilient and sustainable supply chain.

Third Parties and Supply Chain Risks

Third Parties and Supply Chain Risks: A Wide World

Today’s world of supply chain risk is transformed. Thanks to the rise of Internet technology and “the cloud,” companies now source services in their supply chains, as well as goods. That means more companies now have more suppliers, fulfilling a wider assortment of needs — each one, a potential source of risk.