Third-Party Automation

February 28th, 2014

The Most Robust Platform for Third-Party Automation and Management

Where other software seeks to replace human intelligence, Securimate complements it by systematizing the onboarding and monitoring of third-parties and using an intuitive workflow platform that automates compliance processes with a model that can evolve with our Client’s changing needs. Securimate’s ease of use, fast implementation and scalability are a few of the reasons that it is the most widely used compliance platform to onboard and continuously monitor third-party business relationships.

From risk model deployment to automated renewal processes, Securimate’s configurable platform helps you feel confident that your network is built with integrity, security, and accountability.

Securimate Features


Risk rating engine that allows you to define and set your third-party program according to your level of risk, automating a significant amount of the analysis and decision-making for your compliance department.


Access critical documents using a role-based security model.


Automatically screen third parties against 1,000+ sanction, embargo and government databases with Steele’s Global Database Check (GDC) and order enhanced diligence for high-risk third parties with our integrated due diligence ordering system.


Review program performance and generate comprehensive reports that support the investment and evolution of your compliance program.


System-generated notifications are configurable and can trigger due diligence renewals or automate training.


Securely archive all diligence reports, legal records, and regulatory documentation relating to a third party.


Enable organizational transparency and improve inter-department communication across multiple geographical regions.


Our new third-party training module will provide your third-parties with information on how to engage in safe and ethical business behavior, while avoiding potential traps or pitfalls, helping to safeguard your organization from the potential risk of bribery or corruption.

Seamlessly Screen and Monitor Third-Parties with our Industry Leading AI Engine

  • Screen third-parties using Steele’s AI driven, real- time monitoring and search tool for negative news, watchlists, sanctions, and politically exposed persons
  • Maximize your time and cost efficiency with a data processing engine that can upload and extract data associated with the entire third-party population
  • Utilize our APIs for your ERP systems to easily integrate with your procurement process
  • Implement & distribute your custom due diligence questionnaires using Securimate, directly to your third-parties and track completion (multiple languages available)
  • Track and set notifications through advanced workflows for approval management
  • Customize alerts, reminders, and notifications
  • Manage and track approvals, and red flag rates
  • Set alerts for renewals and ongoing monitoring
  • Track the health of your compliance program with Steele Insights built-in KPI Dashboards
  • Analyze key metrics regarding your third-party population including type, category, risk level, approval status and more
  • Access our case management and red flag dashboards that allow you track open/closed cases by stage, status, red flag types and more
  • Benchmark your program

Protecting our Client’s Data Privacy

At Steele, security and data trust is paramount to what we do. Steele has implemented the following security practices to ensure the highest levels of data privacy and security:

  • Privacy Shield Certification
  • Servers available in Russia and the EU

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